Tuesday, August 22, 2006



Monday, August 21, 2006

Shocking Loss!

I have not written for a while, because in Germany, I did not have an own PC. I kept my running log on paper. But on Sunday Aug. 13., a shocking thing happened to me! After a succesful race, I ran 10k in 39:24 and placed 2nd in my age-group and 8th over all, my backpack was stolen when I was sitting with my friends! Everything lost, cell, passport, and my running-log!
So, I will just write the most important things from memory!
In Korea (July 22.) I ran a 5k (which was again too long, a big group went off course, I was one of them, and had to kick to win my age-group, well, maybe the guy who had run 300m less actually let me pass.
In Germany, on week-days, I usually run 12k on Mon. and Wed., and sometimes (actually, this year only once) I go to our local track on Tuesday.
The first race was on July 30., I needed 40:04 for 10k, out of the money in my age-group, too. Still did not feel adjusted.
Next one went really well, 9k on Friday night (Aug. 4.), 34:18 on a hilly, but probably not very acurate course, second in the 40's, beaten only by a Morrocan who used to run in the low 30's until recently.
On Sunday (Aug.6.) I ran 10k in about 39:30, 3rd in age-group, about a mionute slower than a few years ago on the same course, but, well, I was probably tired, it still felt very good.
Last race was the one I lost my stuff, 39:24 was really good, as it was pretty warm.
Well, I will start proper blogging again from September!