Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February Running and China

3. 3k
4. 24k, kanagawa half, 1:24:20
5. 5k
6. 50min gym
7. 12k incl 6x1000@3.35.7
9. 11k incl 10x400@83.6, frame 2min
11. 5k
14. 5k
16. 5k
22. 4k
23. 5k
24. 30min gym
25. 7k
26. 10k
27. 40min gym
28. 11k incl 10x400@88.8/frame 2:10

After an exhausting trip to China, I'm back in Tokyo. My
friend's house in Shangqiu was quite an experience, no
water-closet (water only from 6am to 6pm anyways), no
shower, hardly any heating, holes in the doors, so cold...
And no refrigerator, so food, even meat, was just left
outside. I couldn't believe it...
I will be off to Korea tomorrow, but that's much more
comfortable. Actually, Shanghai is fine, it's just the
Chinese countryside which is, for us, still quite
And I cought a cold on the Friday during my trip. I was in Dengfeng (near Shaolin Temple in Henan Province) at that time. It was a really nasty one, and even the hotel I stayed there had no heating (Henan in colder than Tokyo). So, being in really bad shape, I had to go from Dengfeng to Zhengzhou Airport, fly to Shanghai, finally checked into a reasonable hotel (with a hot shower), and fly to Tokyo on Monday...
Well, today I'm better, at least the cold-medicine the
drugstore in Dengfeng sold for 80Yen seems to work.
Looking back, the cold lasted only four days, but it felt much longer...
I wonder when I will be back in really good running shape again!