Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shibuya Ekiden

Defending Champions!
Friends of Namban Rengo and Seoul Flyers!

You're 2800m away from a place in Namban History!

Where to run them? Click the coursemap below!


Date: Jan. 21.
Place: Yoyogi Park
Distance: 2800m (a bit longer according to google earth)
Fee: 800 Yen
Deadline: Dec. 1. (changes until 19.)
Age-groups: Men's over all/Men's Vets (over
40)/Women/Junior high-school-students (ask your kids!!)

A few words to the organisation:
This year, on race day,I want to focus on running, so I would like to ask Chiba-san to be the liason with the organiser, make announcements on the day etc.
We will also need captains, but as we usually decide on the teams on the day, right now I would just like to appoint Mika, to help with the girls teams, and Jay, as he is the fastest vet.
With regard to the payment, you can pay on the day. Note that it is 3000 Yen per team, but if you don't mind, pay 1000 per head, as I'm planning to put in a few extras (it's six weeks between application dl and race day). However, 750 (exact change) is OK. If I should make a profit, it will be invested in the next banners.
This way, noone of you will be bothered if they cancel because of snow, which has happened in the past. They return the money in case of cancellation.
As most of you will know, this event is a Namban tradition. We won it several years in a row, and had 16 teams (64 runners) registered last year.

I'd like to start a database for this race, so could you please send me your personal info once more, as in the example below.

name in katakana
5k or 10k time

E. Zatopek
E. ザトペック
(if there are some unreadable characters in the second line, the Katakana)

If I don't receive anything from you, I will decide about names and birthdays, and who would want that.
If your software doesn't support Katakana, leave it open (If your pc can't do it, try your keitai).

Also, some people were worried about possibly being to slow for this race. There is no such thing in this event. They stop time-keeping at 65min., but that should be no problem for any of our teams, so even if you just want to run for fun, please join!
Of course, we will have a big party after, and as most
likely only Pizza Express will be able to accomodate us, let's have it there (unless somebody comes up with another suggestion).

"Great is the victory, but the friendship is all the greater."
Emil Zatopek

"There are three things worth living for:
American luxury, Japanese women and Chinese food,"


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