Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blue Note

Yesterday I went to the Blue Note in Aoyama to listen to Gary Burton and Pat Matheny. Great!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Deutschland in Japan! Beim Ekiden!

Ein deutsches Team beim Ekiden!
Heute muss ich einmal auf Deutsch schreiben! Weil heute, in meiner langen Laufkarriere in Japan, das erste Mal war, dass ich mit einem deutschen Team antreten durfte! Allerdings mussten wir uns einen Engländer ausleihen, meinen Sportfreund Gary Chandler von Namban Rengo.
Ich hatte die Ehre, als erster zu laufen, und auch meine Strecke war mit 10km am längsten. 38:55 waren bei dem furchtbaren Wetter und der Schlammschlacht an Start und Ziel ein prima Ergebnis. Ich gab an Gary weiter, der für 5km 21:30 brauchte, nicht schlecht für ihn unter diesen Bedingungen! Dann kam Gerhard, der Zwillingsbruder meines jungen Sportfreundes Friedrich Weinländer, beide 15. Gerhard ist eigentlich Fußballer, hatte aber ein bisschen mir Friedrich trainiert, und war mit 12:10 für 3km sehr zufrieden. Friedrich war unser Ankermann, und er holte noch einmal gut etwas raus, mit einer persönlichen 5km Bestzeit von 18:38!
Vielen Dank an alle, auch an Sigrid, die Mutter der beiden, für die Unterstützung, und es hat, trotz des Wetters, viel Spas gemacht!

Unsere Nummern, komplett mit
Our numbers, with "The Mouse",
the mascot of "Germany in Japan".

今日は、長い走暦の中で、初めてドイツ人チームで駅伝に参加しました。正しい、一人のイギリス人ランナー一人を、南蛮連合から借りました!二人の15歳の二個のドイツ人と私で、4人のチムーでした。残念ながら、天気はとても悪かったです。ゴールの所は泥沼になって、スピードが大変落ちました。それにもかかわらず、楽しかった!私は10k (39:55)、ギャリーさん(英国)は5k (21:30)、ゲルハルド君は3k(12:10)、フリドリシュ君は5k(18:38)で、まずまずの初挑戦でした!お母さんのシグリドさんは応援と写真で頑張りました! ありがとう!!

The first Time on a German Team
Today was, in the long history of my running in Japan, the first time I mentioned to put together a German Team! We had to borrow an Englishman from Namban Rengo, our friend Gary Chandler, but he tried hard to look German, as you can see on the pictures above. I ran the first leg in 38:55 (10k), Gary was next in 21:30 (5k), then came Gerhard Weinlaender, the first of two 15-year-old twins, who is actually a soccer player, but agreed to help out. He did great in 12:10 for 3k. The anchor was his brother Friedrich, who, braving terrible conditions, managed a 5k personal best of 18:38. Everybody was happy with the result, more so as it was really muddy at start and finish.
Thanks to all, also to mother Sigrid, who did a great job taking pictures and times!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mehr Laeufe in Korea!

10k at Jamsil Stadium. 37:27! Good time on a trustworthy course! Extremely well-organized! No queing up in front of toilets. Efficient storage-system for luggage. Massage after the race. Great running gear for every participant. Convenient location. Still just 2400 Yen! The only thing the Germans do better: Showers (Maybe I just didn't ask for them)! Felt a bit sleepy in the beginning - start was 10am, too early for me - but gradually picked it up to finish 18th over-all.
I can just recommend Japanese Race organisers to see the way their neighbours handle these things. Not many such good races in Japan.


One more 5k on the American Base, this time actually 5.4. Heavy rain! 19:52 and 13$ for 1st in age-group (David was absent)!


10k at Worldcup Stadium. 7th over-all in a big race. 38:21not bad on a hot day...


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Uploaded Picture from my own Camera!!

Nanta Musikal


Saturday: Non-running-related! Went to see "Nanta"("Cooking"), the most successful Korean Musical - shown at Broadway twice - the guys on stage were more athletic than the average runner in the 5k the day before. Absolutely great, best such performance I've ever seen!http://english.tour2korea.com/04Bookings/Performances/seedetails.asp?oid=12&kosm=m4_2&konum=2

Lauftagebuch April-Mai

29.4.: 6k 4700m: 17:42
30.4.: 4k (hilly)
1.: 12k 10000m: 37:47
2.: 5k (hilly)
3.: 0k
4.: 5k (hilly)
5.: 0k
6.: 7k 5400m: 19:51
7.: 11k 10000m: 38:29
8.: 9k (hilly)
9.: 0k
10.: 10k/ 2x400/1610: 5:34/5x800: 2:46/2:46/2:45/2:42/2:43
11.: 60min. gym
12.: 7k
13.: 45min. gym
14.: 21k
15.: 8k/ 5x400 av.: 79 / 20k bike
16.: 60min. gym/20k bike
17.: 12k/ 6x1000 (6:30)/ 3:27/3:27/3:27/3:28/3:28/3:26
18.: 7k
19.: 1h gym
20.: 8k - 5x400/av. : 92
21.: 5k, 25k bike
22.: 0k
23.: 30min. gym
24.: 0k
25.: 5k
26.: 0k
27.: 7k - 200/400/400/400/2 - 42/85/83/84/40
28.: Arakawa Ekiden - 荒川駅伝
14k - 10k: 38:55 (muddy!!)
29.: 10k
30.: 30min gym
31.: 13k - 5000: 18:54/3000: 10:55

Saturday, May 13, 2006

David Deubelbeiss with Ed Wittlock, 70's world champ!


4月17日: 7k
4月18日:1h gym
20-23: cold/風邪

Auf nach Korea!!

29日:6k  韓国のマラソン大会の初参加 ・ First Race in Korea!
ソウルの米軍の基地で、当日申し込みの出来ろ5k(本とは4.7)に参加しました!参加費はただでした。年齢別二位で10$の商品券をもらちゃった!SEOUL SYNERGYのJAE KIM(一番左)さんに次の大会の参加費としてあげました。JAEさんは私の韓国でのランニングに欠かせない存在でした!すべての手続きをやってくれました、本とに有難う!タイムは17:42でした。40歳代で優勝したDavid Deubelbeiss (Canada・一番右))と友達になりました。DDは安部トモエの100kの世界記録の途中まで一生走ったトップランナーです。

My first race in Korea was on an American Army Base. You could apply on the day, no fee was charged.  I came in 2nd. in age-group, and got a 10US$ coupon which I gave to Seoul Synergy manager Jae Kim (left) to pay for the next race's entry fee. Without Jae and his group, running in Korea wouldn't have been half as much fun, and I would have had big problems applying for races without his help! Thank you very much! My time was 17:42. I made friends with David Deubelbeiss (right), a Canadian, the winner in the 40's, he's a former top-runner who actually ran part of the way with Tomoe Abe when she ran her 100k world-record!