Sunday, April 09, 2006

4月3日: 9k 
4月4日: 10分筋トレ
4月5日: 11k、5x600- 2:10,2:08,2:10,2:06,1:54
4月6日: 40分筋トレ
4月7日: 0
4月8日: 6k、2x200- 39,40
4月9日: 15k、10000m: 39:51 (18:50) 朝早く、足が重かった。Too early! Legs felt heavy!

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aki said...

jurgen, good to find ur weblog. this is aki sasaki from keio sfc. congraturations you made it on the goethe website as in the film, and sorry i'm not taking ur course this semester anymore (but i really enjoyed it last time!). i decided to come visit this blog regularly.
by the way, you seem to be a good runner. well, keep it up ur trainings and have fun. seeya. aki:)