Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mehr Laeufe in Korea!

10k at Jamsil Stadium. 37:27! Good time on a trustworthy course! Extremely well-organized! No queing up in front of toilets. Efficient storage-system for luggage. Massage after the race. Great running gear for every participant. Convenient location. Still just 2400 Yen! The only thing the Germans do better: Showers (Maybe I just didn't ask for them)! Felt a bit sleepy in the beginning - start was 10am, too early for me - but gradually picked it up to finish 18th over-all.
I can just recommend Japanese Race organisers to see the way their neighbours handle these things. Not many such good races in Japan.


One more 5k on the American Base, this time actually 5.4. Heavy rain! 19:52 and 13$ for 1st in age-group (David was absent)!


10k at Worldcup Stadium. 7th over-all in a big race. 38:21not bad on a hot day...


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